Author: ibex

October 2012

…we had many good reactions to my mother’s funeral and I do not think any one else had attended a woodland or natural burial before. The place is beautiful and the weather was lovely, but the more practical minded noted that there was no sign of a JCB, nor even really of tracks and that the grave had been perfectly dug.

September 2012

…I want to say how very pleased we are that we chose your woodland site as a resting place for my Mum…and how ‘perfect’ the burial was…I have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience. The great grand children haven’t been to a ‘funeral’ before, what a positive day it turned out to be for them.

July 2012

Ideal final resting place for a quiet, nature loving gentleman.

June 2012

Myself and others who attended have all said how peaceful & appropriate this was; both Burial Ground Manager & Funeral Director were helpful & discreet, lots of little personal touches.

May 2012

You have been so helpful and it has been a real pleasure to come to arrange and talk about a ‘difficult event’………I take comfort in making these arrangements.

March 2012

We found the natural burial to be ideal for our needs and from first to last we were totally satisfied.

February 2012

…you installed a confidence and comfort in us that leaves us with knowledge that this forever decision was exactly right.

February 2012

It was a beautiful day and everyone I spoke to said that the woodland was a perfect burial ground.