Price list

Burial plots or more accurately grave rights are paid for at the time of need and are set in glades in the woodland. The Estate offers plots based on the natural development of the site and individual locations cannot be reserved or specified.

An ‘Advanced Wishes Form’ is available so that you may request a burial in the Dalton Woodland Burial Ground. Whilst not legally binding on your Next of Kin / Executor(s) the existance of a completed and dated Advanced Wishes Form should ensure that your wishes are carried out. We recommend that you store the completed form somewhere safe such as with your Will and talk to your Next of Kin / Executor(s) about your plans so that your wishes are known and acted upon after your death.

When you purchase a burial plot you are actually purchasing an Exclusive Right of Burial which is granted for a period of ninety nine years, the maximum permissible in law; however this does not imply that we have any intention to resell the grave or reuse it in any way that may cause disturbance to any human remains.

Pricing is based on three distinct elements, the grave right purchase, the interment registration fee and gravedigging costs.

The Burial Plot / Grave Right Purchase

This is paid at the time of need; all double plots must be arranged and paid for at the time of the first burial.

The Interment Registration Fee

This is only paid at the time of the funeral and covers the prevailing costs of funeral administration, mapping of the grave location, certifying the burial and entering the details into the Register of Burials in accordance with the 1864 Registration of Burials Act, Births and Deaths Registration Act 1926 and 1953, Registration of Births and Deaths Regulations 1987.

The Gravedigging

This is obviously only paid at the time of the funeral.

2024/25 Prices

  • Burial Plot: £1450 (standard grave)
  • Double Burial Plot: £ 2900 (two adjacent standard graves)
  • Ashes Plot: £ 825 (cremated remains grave)
  • Double Ashes Plot: £ 1650 (two adjacent cremated remains graves)
  • Interment Registration Fee: £ 695
  • Gravedigging (single standard grave): £ 775
  • Gravedigging (single cremated remains grave): £ 515
  • A4 size plaque carved with only one first name followed by the surname and dates of birth & death onto a 1.5″ thick blue-black Cumbrian slate – £ 180

Because of the unique tragedy that is the death of a child burial plots for infants and children under the age of 16 are free of charge. The full gravedigging and registration fees are still payable.

As recognition that we are all part of a much larger universe these prices are valid for a year from the Vernal Equinox*.

*the Vernal or spring equinox occurs around March 20th / 21st and is the point when the sun appears to cross the equator as the tilt of the earth’s axis brings summer to the northern hemisphere.