May 2022

This site is perfect for my husband and myself (I have booked the adjacent grave site for myself) and was a gentle place to ‘hold’ the family in their grief and enable us to conduct the ceremony we wished which was beautiful. The burial ground were completely supportive of everything that we as a family felt it was important to do. We chose not to use funeral directors and wanted complete involvement including dressing the deceased, leaving personal (biodegradable) items in the woven coffin (using British sustainably sourced willow made personally for him), carrying him ourselves, driving him in our Land Rover, decorating the coffin and graveside with garden flowers and filling in the garve. Our need for ‘hands-on’ involvement was completely respected, understood & supported. I am a celebrant and was very clear about what was right for myself and the family. It makes all the difference to accept and process the very deep loss of someone we loved so very much.