May 2019

Exceptional. Francis took the time to explain the day, site and concept. An extermely kind man. I found this site online, it seemed right but was even more perfect when I visited. The whole concept was just right for my husband who loved nature & was so concerned about ecology… what makes it so right is that it looks like a beautiful woodland & not a cemetery. A peaceful, reflective & beautiful place for us to visit & walk around.

Tributes should also be paid to Francis who took trouble to show us around unprompted even though he was awaiting a funeral. He was friendly & compassionate to me in my loss and approachable. On our funeral day he was supremely organised, pleasant & friendly to mourners and at the end gave me a big hug and smile saying it had been a lovely service.

The whole experience was a celebration and was far from the mournful occasion it might have been. We were treated sensitively and respectfully and extremely kindly by all the staff and this means such a lot.