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April 2018

I have been wanting to write to you to thank you for the manner in which you allowed the burial to take place. Perhaps unusually the group of us left describing the occasion as beautiful probably because there was a strong sense that all concerned felt that everyone had precisely fulfilled …….’s wishes.

March 2018

We were so blessed on Monday for Mum’s burial with the sun shining, the birds chirping and even the owl hooting. The whole procedure was very professional, unobtrusive and thoughtful. What more could we have asked for. Mum can now be at Peace.

January 2018

Thanks again for your help over the last few difficult months. You made a difference.

December 2017

Very good, thoughtful, compassionate, efficient. Very happy with our experience with Dalton Woodland Burial Ground.

June 2017

A wonderful provision, so glad we have been able to access this service… it felt authentic to my parents beliefs, kind to the environment

June 2017

Beautiful location, allowed us to conduct our own personalised Service. Francis looked after us really well.

March 2017

I think everyone was intrigued despite the weather and the mud, both out of our control. It just added that little frisson to the event and certainly gave some people food for thought as to their own send off! We had fun and that was what it was all about. D….d would have loved it.

February 2017

Thank you for everything you organised in connection with the burial of my late husband….my daughter and I thought the burial ground lovely. We had visited two others but Dalton was definitely what we wanted – and so would my husband had he been able to see it. We often walked in the Lake District and the setting of the grave – with lovely tree branches arching overhead and the natural woodland was just right. Thank you for your sensitive attention on the day, and the necessary arrangements beforehand…